Parent Information

Will my child be safe?

Your child’s safety is one of our staff team’s primary concerns. We are duly aware of the safety challenges associated with hosting a program of this length, and we have taken necessary precautions to cultivate a safe environment for students to grow. 

Why Petoskey, MI?

A centerpiece of the SLP is ensuring that each student works a full-time job. This is so each student can make money, but also so that each student can grow in his/her leadership development and apply what they are learning in a real life environment. Another priority is connecting with a local church over the summer and plugging into their community. Petoskey provides both of these for us. Campus Outreach has lose connections with another ministry who went to Petoskey for their summer projects for years and found it to be a fantastic place for their summer project. That ministry no longer does their project in that area, which has opened the door for us to have a solid place to stay over the summer (college dorm), a great church to connect with, and multiple employment options they have taken advantage of in previous summers. Plus, it's a beautiful area, we can't wait to spend the summer there!

Why 8 weeks?

We feel eight weeks is the perfect length of time for a summer project. It gives the student around 5+ weeks at home while also giving him/her ample time to develop in his leadership, and to grow spiritually. Often times at a week-long church camp, a person may return home on an emotional high. We do not seek for students to make emotionally driven decisions, nor to come back home merely riding an emotional high. Rather, we want to see students make gains in character growth, initiative-taking, leadership skills, social aptitude, professional development, and in owning responsibilities. We believe that eight weeks is enough time for a student to truly take substantial steps in these areas.

Can we visit our son/daughter?

Absolutely! Feel free to come up at any time during the summer, but we have designed a Parents’ Weekend in which your child will have extended free time, less work hours, and a program intended to welcome parents and expose them to how their child has been growing at SLP. Please make plans to join us for this fun weekend in Petoskey! More information will be on the way once your son/daughter applies to the SLP.

Questions or concerns

Any specific questions can be directed toward the Columbus Regional Director, Patrick Lewis (