Ashley Peters

Campus Staff


Hometown: Portage, IN

School: Graduated from University of Southern Indiana in 2015

I grew up hearing the gospel of Jesus from my grandparents and began riding a church bus in order to attend church on my own. At a young age I was very knowledgeable about Jesus and the cross but based my salvation on the prayer that I said. Throughout high school everything I did was to build up my resume and be the best at everything in order to make my family proud. After a while, God became someone that I went to only when I needed something, and because of suffering I questioned His character and love for people. While attending USI, my sophomore year, I met a woman on staff with campus outreach that loved me and people in a way that I had never seen before. As she began sharing the same gospel of Jesus that I had heard growing up it turned from head knowledge to heart transformation. Her love towards me was a picture of God’s love for His people, despite them but because of who He is. It blew my mind that He loved and died for me before I knew Him, while I was yet still a sinner. It was then that I stopped trying and starting trusting in the work done for me on the cross. Since then I now seek to know Him deeply and make Him known broadly. Not to build my resume but to build His kingdom and love His people.