Lincoln Peters

Campus Staff

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Hometown: Bowling Green, OH

School: Graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2016

Ever since I can remember my parents tried to instill in me the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, growing up I was never able to grasp it in a way that changed my life. In high school I would claim Christianity, pointing at the moral metrics of my choice as my salvation, but when you would look at my life there was only brokenness and arrogance that needed the Savior I now know to be Jesus Christ. The summer after my senior year, God started to draw me to himself through a missions trip I went on, I saw people with true wonder and excitement to know Jesus Christ and that was something I had never experienced. Eventually my freshman year I came to know him, and around then I met Casey Andis. As a young Christian I had a lot to learn, and Casey was eager and ready to teach me as much as I was willing to learn. Being discipled by Casey has given me the desire to labor and invest in the lives of students I see on campus every day. I want to see others get the same opportunity of discipleship that Casey gave me to grow in a personal relationship with Christ and become laborers themselves.