Patrick Lewis

Regional Director


Hometown: Hopkinsville, KY

School: Graduated from Murray State University in 2000

I grew up exposed to church and made a profession of faith at a youth camp. Nothing of substance changed in my life and I lost interest in church. I considered myself a Christian because I was somewhat moral and believed in God. In college a fraternity brother began to share the gospel with me. His life and his knowledge of the Bible really got my attention and created curiosity. I eventually attended a conference with him sponsored by CO and met many other students with similar testimonies as his and finally understood that I had tried to live a good life but had never seen a need for a savior. At this point I trusted in Christ and my life began to change.

Through college I had a clear vision for my life to pursue law and politics but after attending a summer project where I grew immensely and learned of the enormous needs in the world for the gospel, I spent my senior year prayerfully considering other paths. I decided to postpone law school to get ministry training and to invest a few years reaching college students. Within two years of helping pioneer a ministry at Arkansas State, I realized I loved going to new places and leading men to Christ. I changed my law plans and joined CO staff to launch the Indianapolis region.