Angie Ludwig

Campus Staff

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Hometown: Galena, OH

School: Graduated from Bowling Green State in 2017

I grew up going to church every Sunday and attending Sunday School, youth groups, and bible camps regularly. From these things, I had a great amount of bible knowledge, but my view of God was still skewed and I believed that He expected me to be good and earn His approval. I worked hard to excel in all that I did in order to earn His approval and the approval of people around me, but I grew tired of this in high school and began to pour my life into partying instead. When I realized that living this way was still unsatisfying, I tried to fix myself up by reading my bible and going to church again. I knew God had sent His Son to the cross, but it wasn’t until I met a woman on staff with Campus Outreach that I truly understood that Jesus came that I may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10). Since I’ve come to Christ, I’ve experienced the joy and peace that I saw in others who are seeking to know Jesus more and live their lives to His glory. I no longer live my life for, or find my significance in, the approval of others but I can rest in the love of my Heavenly Father who graciously gave up His precious Son to have me. Since the Lord brought me to Himself as a freshman in college, I am fully convinced that there is great value in working on a campus with college ministry. Students will be searching for their significance and their life aspirations during this time, making it the greatest opportunity to share how loved and cherished they are by the God who created this world and everyone in it.