Andrew Lingg

Director of Operations

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Hometown: Shelbyville, IN

School: Graduated from IUPUI in 2011

I grew up believing that to get to Heaven, you had to be a good person. At the same time, I believed that what the world had to offer me, would be enough to satisfy me. With these two beliefs, I went all the way through High School convinced that I was better than almost everyone around me because I didn’t drink or smoke, and because I went to church every Sunday. I also was trying to find my happiness in sports, grades, and girls and friends. I finished High School having everything I thought would satisfy me, but felt completely empty.

I went to college looking to get away from church and explore the party life. Instead, I made some friends that introduced me to Patrick Lewis, who invited my friends and I to a weekend retreat in St. Louis. I went to the retreat because of a flag football tourney, but left the retreat way more excited about the Gospel and cleaning up my life. Thankfully, Patrick continued hanging out with me after the retreat and shared the Gospel more clearly with me. A few months later it finally became clear to me that I couldn’t fix myself, but instead I needed to rely on Christ’s perfect record before God rather than my own. Everything changed in the Spring of my freshman year because of Campus Outreach being at my campus.