Laura Schlaegel

Resource Staff

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Hometown: Mooresville, IN

School: Graduated from IUPUI in 2012

From the time I was born, I went to church with my family nearly every single Sunday. But growing up, my flawed understanding of Christianity was simply that I needed to be a really “good person.” So, throughout high school and on into the first couple years of college, being “good” was my only aim. I let success in things like academics, sports, and relationships determine my value and worth. When God finally began to convict me of the fact that there truly is more to Christianity than a label and Sunday morning church attendance, I started asking questions. I began meeting with some mature believers at my home church, and also with a girl who was on staff with Campus Outreach at IUPUI.

I was confronted with verses like Matthew 7:22-23 that brought to light the importance of knowing Jesus personally, not simply knowing facts about Him. Until then, I hadn’t seen the severity of my own sin and didn’t really grasp my need for a Savior. I started to wrestle with the truth that I was sinful and couldn’t ever be good enough to make myself right with a perfectly holy God. It was then that I saw, for the first time, my utter helplessness apart from the saving grace found in Jesus alone. That’s when I really began to understand what it meant to turn from sin, trust Jesus, and give my life to following Him.