Elaina Latimer

Campus Staff

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Hometown: Overland Park, KS

School: Graduated from Kansas State University in 2017

I grew up going to church, and knew the basics of who Jesus was, and different things about God. However, I just thought I needed to be a good person, go to church, and believe in God to get to heaven. I saw it as an equation that equaled heaven. This led to me striving for perfection and being the best person I could be. My freshman year of college I joined a sorority and met a girl named Hannah. She asked me if I wanted to start reading the Bible with her. I was really drawn to her because she exuded joy. One time when we were hanging out before Thanksgiving break, Hannah showed me the bridge diagram using Romans 6:23. She explained to me how my sin separated me from God, and that Jesus’ death on the Cross provides me a way to have an eternal relationship with God through repentance and faith. She explained to me that I could never do enough good things to earn this. It was as if my vision snapped into 20/20. As we continued to talk about it, she asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and follow Him, and I said yes. I still remember praying together in my dorm room that day, asking Jesus to be Lord over my life and telling Him I wanted to follow Him. This has changed every area of my life. I started investing in my faith, learning how to pray and read the Bible, building friendships with other Christians, caring about people who don’t know Jesus, and learning ways to share my faith with others. God provided many opportunities for me to grow in college, and it changed the trajectory of my life.