Elaina Latimer

Campus Staff

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Hometown: Overland Park, KS

School: Graduated from Kansas State University in 2017

Growing up, I went to church and never doubted that God was real. My life was all about pleasing others – my parents, teachers, and friends. I always made good decisions, good grades, and I stayed out of trouble. After I went to college at Kansas State University, I felt like I was missing something and I just didn’t know what it was. I met a girl named Hannah in my sorority whose life was very similar to mine, except she exuded joy. She shared with me that it was because she had a relationship with God. I knew what Jesus had done on the Cross for me, but I didn’t know we were called to act on that by accepting a relationship with Him (Romans 6:23). I decided I wanted to follow God in November of 2013. Since then, I have surrendered every area of my life to Him, and it has the most fulfilling thing. He has transformed my heart and my life in more ways than I can count. I know nothing will ever be able to measure up to my relationship with God and spending eternity with Him. I’m lucky to have been involved in a ministry in college that provided me with growth opportunities, which allowed me to grow even closer to God in ways I cannot describe. Loving God and living out the purpose He has given me has been and will continue to be the best thing I will do.