Kat Wright

Campus Staff

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Hometown: Springfield, MO

School: Graduated from University of Missouri in 2016

I grew up going to church on Sunday and on Wednesday because my friends went, and also my parents made me go. My family stopped going around 8th grade, except for on Christmas and Easter. I was numb to the saying “Christ died for your sins” and sitting in church was just a boring thing I had to do. I remember in high school asking certain things of God but never even fathomed having a relationship with him. In high school my life revolved around boyfriends, partying, and doing whatever it took to be happy. Senior year in high school I began to feel anxious constantly, so I started going to church by myself. I remember feeling more and more guilty of my sin but this lead to absolutely no change in my life. I attended University of Missouri and very instantly got plugged into a bible study because my new sorority sisters were doing it. My friends and I would go to the bible study and then go to parties right after. At a faith opportunity over winter break, a speaker brought up Matthew 15:8 where Jesus said “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.” That verse replayed in my mind, and I started to realize- I would say I was a Christian, but my heart and the way I was living didn’t back it up. It wasn’t until the end of my sophomore of college when I realized that God was calling me to so much more than I had been living for. A life full of meaning and purpose and even more than that- eternal life with God in heaven. I made the decision to start following Jesus and my life has done a 180, for the better. He has changed my heart about so many areas in my life. I now seek him daily and seek to make him known where ever he has placed me. I still discover his grace and forgiveness more and more each day and my understanding of how much I need him only increases.