Madi Cansler

Campus Staff


Hometown: Grover Hill, OH

School: Graduated from Miami University in 2017

I grew up in a home where we did not attend church and the gospel was never talked about. My idea of God was a distant creator who had no effect on how I lived my life. So I lived for myself, my reputation, self-gratification, and approval of family and peers. The summer before my freshman year at Miami University, I saw my cousin’s life radically change when she made Jesus the Lord and Savior of her life. She began to show interest and love towards me like no one had before, by asking me spiritual questions and sharing with me how the purpose for her life has changed. That coming winter during my freshman year, she brought me to New Years Conference with her. It was at this conference that God revealed to me His desire to be in a relationship with me and my great need for Him because of my sinfulness. And that this relationship is possible only through the blood of Christ on the cross, that offers me grace and forgiveness for every sin. I left that conference no longer striving to raise up myself with worldly things, but instead allow God to fill me with His love and joy that comes only from knowing Him more and living for His glory. Because Campus Outreach has played a huge impact in me coming to Christ and equipping me to walk with Him during my time in college, I now desire and see the need to share the Good News and build laborers on the campus.


Kyle Cansler

Campus Staff

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Hometown: Fortville, IN

School: Graduated from IUPUI in 2018

I did not grow up in a Christian household and never went to church growing up. I honestly never really thought about God because it wasn't something my family or friends ever discussed. Up until college, I lived for my own desires, tried to build a certain reputation, and sought the approval of those around me. During my senior year of high school, these things I was building my life around left me feeling empty and unsatisfied. I decided to go to college at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis). In my freshman year, I became good friends with a guy who became a Christian through CO. The next year we lived together and he started a Bible study to help me investigate Christianity. Through this I came to realize my sinfulness and need for Jesus. Over the rest of my time in college, CO played a huge role in establishing my faith, providing me like-minded community, tools on how to grow as a Christian, and a vision to share my faith. I'm excited to go to Bowling Green State University to share my faith with college students and help them learn how to have a personal relationship with God.